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We are a certified SolShare provider SolShare

SolShare is a groundbreaking Australian innovation that transforms the way multi-residential buildings utilize solar energy. This world-first technology allows a single rooftop solar system to power multiple apartments, making solar energy more accessible and efficient for urban dwellers.

SolShare Key Features



Compatible with apartment buildings from 5-60 units


Higher on-site consumption when compared to individual systems


Reduction in consumption of electricity from the grid

The core of SolShare’s functionality

lies in its smart units, which are installed near the building’s electricity meter board. These units act as the brains of the system, seamlessly integrating with any existing solar setup to optimize energy distribution throughout the building.


Physical Splitting of Solar Energy

The operation of SolShare begins with the physical splitting of solar energy via a specialized hardware device. As the solar electricity flows down from the rooftop panels, it passes through the SolShare unit, where the energy is dynamically allocated based on the real-time demand within the building. This intelligent distribution ensures that the generated solar power is utilized as efficiently as possible, minimizing waste and maximizing consumption.

Dynamic Sharing Algorithm

The dynamic sharing algorithm employed by SolShare is designed to fairly distribute solar energy among all tenants. Over the course of a month, the system continuously monitors and adjusts the allocation of energy to meet each apartment’s needs. This equitable distribution can be tailored to provide equal shares of energy to all units or to vary the allocations based on the size of each apartment. Additionally, SolShare ensures that common areas of the building also receive their share of solar energy, enhancing the overall sustainability of the property.

Maximizing Solar Energy Consumption

One of the significant advantages of SolShare is its ability to maximize solar energy consumption. By intelligently managing the distribution of energy, the software ensures that as much solar power as possible is used within the building, reducing the amount that is fed back into the grid. This approach not only increases the use of clean, renewable energy but also leads to greater savings for the building’s residents, making solar power a more economically viable option.

SolShare Monitor energy data

With the SolCentre monitoring portal, you can monitor:

  • Your electricity consumption
  • The amount of solar energy allocated to you
  • The surplus solar energy you export back to the grid
  • Tips on maximizing the value of your solar energy by adjusting your usage to optimal times

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