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01 - Please choose the appliances you plan to use

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02 - Please, specify your usage details

You have the flexibility to manually modify both the wattage and usage duration of your appliance below.

Appliances Quantity Running Watts Hours per day KWH per day Delete
Potential Load KW
Average KWh Per Day
What is the percentage of appliances used at the same time?
Number of days reserve power
Winter average peak solar production in hours
- Northern Territories & Queensland: Enjoy the most sunshine, with peak sun hours exceeding 6 hours per day in summer.
- Western Australia: Receives around 5-6 peak sun hours in summer, dropping to 4-5 hours in winter.
- South Australia & New South Wales: Experience 4-5 peak sun hours in summer and 3-4 hours in winter.
- Victoria & Tasmania: Have the least sunshine, with peak sun hours around 3-4 hours in summer and 2-3 hours in winter.
Is a generator on site?
KVA Rating
Auto start feature
Is the generator single or 3 phase?

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    DISCOVER THE POSSIBILITIES How to use our off-grid calculator?

    Choose the appliances you use and specify how long you use them each day. By providing this information, our off-grid calculator can swiftly determine:

    • Potential Load in Kilowatts
    • Average Kilowatt-Hours Per Day
    • Appropriate systems based on your power consumption

    The calculator is to be used primarily as a guide tool to help you and us understand the needs of the home. Additional load profiling with surge ratings will be required to determine a final system design.

    Please contact us to further understand how we can help you through your Off Grid Journey!

    Our team is keen to give you information and guidance about our Off-Grid range, its components, and the outstanding warranties we offer.