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who we are Meet Our Team of Solar Experts.

With 50 years of combined experience across both the electrical and renewable energy sectors, we are a crew of electricians and solar installers who take pride and enjoyment in their work. This shines through on every job we work on!

Our time on the tools has developed a serious eye for detail and fine tuned our ability to communicate to with clients. We have long established relationships with wholesalers and are always able to look after our clients when it comes to their budget.

We are proud to service our home of Sydney with Solar and Battery solutions and do our bit towards creating a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

Elliott Lane

Director / Sales and Design / Co Founder
Elliott is the backbone of our operation working across all levels of our company. Having worked in sales and construction his entire professional life he brings a level of organisation and customer service to Perfect Solar Power that ties everything together. Elliott’s easy manner and genuine desire to help people shines through in every interaction he has. Highly knowledgeable in the world of solar, a great communicator and self classified treehugger he has a passion for a greener and cleaner future. Creating Perfect Solar Power has been a dream for Elliott to further his quest for a healthier planet. He is a 17 year resident of Sydney and lives with his wife and dog on the beach in Narrabeen.

Tom Snel

Director / Electrician, Head Designer / Co Founder
Tom and Ian are brothers and like Ian, he is extremely reliable and hardworking… it is definitely in their genes! A highly qualified electrician of over 14 years and fully accredited in the world of Solar and Battery, including off grid design and installation, Tom is the man you want on your team. His attention to detail and passion for all things solar and battery results in our clients receiving a level of service that is second to none. A Northern Beaches surfer and a borderline modern hippy Tom brings a level of energy to all our jobs that inspires the team.

Luke Covey

Director / Electrician / Co Founder
Luke is a veteran level 2 electrician with over 15 years under his belt as well as being a NSW Fire Fighter for over 12 years. Highly qualified in both fields he prides himself on professionalism and being a great problem solver. A family man and a resident of the Northern Beaches born and bred Luke is the director who keeps everyone in a positive mindset and goes out of his way to make sure every client is taken care of. He has meticulous attention to detail and is highly ethical in everything he does. Luke brings a passion for renewable energy and a desire to create a better future for his son.

Ian Snel

Director / Electrician / Co Founder
Ian like Luke, is a highly qualified level 2 electrician with over 15 years experience and a NSW Fire Fighter. Extremely reliable and the hardest worker you have ever come across, Ian has an unyielding passion for a high standard of workmanship and will always go above and beyond to do the best job possible. Born in Manly hospital and a lifetime resident of the Northern Beaches he lives in North Manly with his wife and two young children. Ian developed a passion for the future of our planet after the birth of his kids, creating Perfect Solar Power was the best step Ian could take to achieve this goal of a cleaner planet.