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Welcome to the Small Technology Incentive Program (STC) or solar rebate as it is commonly referred to, a crucial part of the net-zero emissions by 2050 scheme. And hey, why wait until 2050? Let’s aim for a cleaner future even sooner!

STCs are not your ordinary subsidies. They are market-based certificates whose value can fluctuate, rising and falling with the tides of the renewable energy market… The price of STCs isa currently around $37-$39, but it has also taken a dive to $17 in the past.

The great news is that by making the decision to embrace solar power, homes and businesses become champions in achieving our ambitious environmental goals and are rewarded with an STC money off guarantee :-)

By participating in the STC program and that means purchasing a solar PV system, we are able to slash thousands of dollars off the overall cost of the entire system. The only catch is the incentive decreases by one-fifteenth each year until January 1, 2031, when it will be gone for good.

Any solar system below 100kW is eligible for STCs. The number of certificates you receive is determined by the energy your system can produce—whether it’s 6.6kW, 13.3kW, or more. The calculation takes into account the solar system’s expected lifespan and the energy it will generate over time. So, if you go big and purchase a larger solar system, you’ll receive a greater incentive. Why not fill up that roof, right?

Location matters too with the incentive. Australia is split into four sun zones, and Sydney/East Coast proudly resides in Zone 3. This means the STC values in this region are some of the most generous. The more sun you get, the better the solar rebate!

When you choose a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installer like us and opt for CEC accredited hardware like what we sell, you will receive a point-of-sale discount that will make you jump for joy! The discount can be as high as 30% off the total system price, depending on the design that suits your home.

For example, string systems offer the greatest value when it comes to STC rebate amounts. With fewer components involved, the impact of the incentive on system costs is greater. On the other hand, if you require additional hardware like optimisers or microinverters, the incentive’s impact diminishes due to the higher system costs.

To put it all into perspective: If a typical 6.6kW system costs $10,000 and the STC incentive is $2,808 (equivalent to 72 certificates), you’ll only need to pay $7,192 out of your own pocket. Simple, right and pretty good.

Considering the STC Incentive, the deeming period, and the fact that solar technology is more advanced and affordable than ever before, there has never been a better time to invest in solar for your home. Let’s not forget that solar PV is one of the few investments that guarantee a considerable rate of return.

So, delay no more and take advantage of this amazing opportunity before it sort of isn’t worth it anymore! Call us and discuss how we can help you with your solar + battery goals!

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