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Understand your power consumption

To determine whether your house is suitable for solar power or not, understanding your power consumption or electrical profile is key. By analyzing your power consumption it will allow you to understand the size of the system you might need and also the amount of initial investment. Solar is about self-consumption which directly effects the ROI!

If you spend much of your time in your house and able to use power during the day then solar energy will be a great investment but if you are only home for a few peak hours at night, solar might not be the best financial decision.

Similarly, households with very minimal power requirements, solar will take a lot longer to pay off. However, if your electricity bills are on a higher note, solar can help to greatly reduce them.


Does your roof have shade issues or is it too complicated?

One of the major factors in shifting to solar is determining whether your roof has any shade issues. Even if you got the most suitable roof for solar, shade around it could make it not count. To get the utmost benefit from solar, consistent sun exposure is what we are looking for. Shade impact can be mitigated with technology and layout design, but shade is still shade!

Complicated layouts can be achieved through technology so we can defiantly win there, some issues to think about is what condition the roof is in. How old are the tiles and are there any spares? Does the roof need replacing any time soon?


Learn/ understand the technology

Knowledge about how solar technology works and what is available can really help. The science of generating electricity by the medium of solar is a major phenomenon called the photovoltaic effect. Consisting of semiconductors, it allows the creation of electric current when exposed to sunlight.

The photovoltaic solar cells absorb the solar radiation which in turn makes the electrons move, creating a flow of electric current. The wires take this direct current and converts it to an alternating current through the solar inverter providing electricity that is used by you for day-to-day work!


Know its value (it’s not just the tech, it’s the experience and skill of the installer)

Before installing a solar system, you must be wondering what extra significant value it will provide. Solar energy doesn’t give out toxic substances and contaminants in the air. There’s no denying that the return on investment of going solar is high. It will save you money in the long run and promote energy independence.

While the tech per se cannot give you all the advantages if the installer isn’t a skilled person. An installer needs to have proper knowledge about layout works, all the safety standards, cable management, etc. Should be tech-savvy and have attention to detail with an aesthetic mindset. A smart installer knows that solar operates for 25+ years, so the installation must be perfect to last the distance. Investigate your installer!!


Learn More We are here to help.

Solar doesn’t need to be complicated but its worth understanding what’s right for you. We
can help you understand your homes potential, what to look for and what to look out for. Drop us
a line and our experts will get in touch.